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Our Services

Our Services

Our goal is to develop our services into the best Integrated Facility Services (IFMS) in Indonesia by 2025, however, We plave our milestone in The Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services

It is the main attraction of a property. the cleanliness of the building is maintained both aesthetically and hygienic will make visitors and facility users feel comfortable being there.

By promoting productivity and performance, ARSA will provide maximum comfort through a combination of attitude, skillful and knowledgable manpower, machines, tools, cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly, effective and efficient SOPs, trained supervisors and management support.

Integrated Pest Control Services

To be able to carry out Integrated Pest Management, the initial steps are as follows: 1) Pest Inspection 2) Identification of pests 3) Selection of control methods 4) Implementation of pest control, and 5) evaluating.

ARSA is the most effective, efficient and quality IPMS company because ARSA combines several methods of control, economically, safely and while maintaining ecosystems.

Security Services

As an extension of the Indonesian National Police, ARSA’s security services are the partners you can trust the most. with a variety of licensing fulfillments as required, ARSA is present in your midst through a series of selection, recruitment, training, and placement.

ARSA security personnel are selected personnel who can ensure the customer’s property can be guaranteed security and safety for users of the facility

Landscape Services

Choosing, managing, planting and caring for a garden and plant design is not an easy task. It takes a deep knowledge, expertise and perseverance and all of this cannot be done in a moment. ARSA has prepared landscape professionals who are able to create a modification of the visible features of an area of ​​land in your property.

Office Support Services

Let you focus on your business and routine and leave the rest to us. Office Support Services are services that you might need right now. Management of human resources as our main competence, professional workforce placement as Receptionist, Office Boy, Messenger, Doorman, Pantry Service, Driver, Mail room service and various other support services for your activities will be done so friendly and delight.

Mechanical Electrical, Civil & Plumbing Services

Mechanical Electrical, Civil & Plumbing Services are always associated with the installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. ARSA Mechanical Electrical, Civil & Plumbing Services service conserves a commercial property and supports maximizing property efficiency. This service is including plumbing, elevators, escalators, heating and air conditioning systems.

ARSA really understands the needs of our customers to have a peace of mind. Qualifications and experience to ensure accuracy, security and lasting customer satisfaction.

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