ARSA Indonesia


ARSA is a translation of the desire of professionals in the field of integrated facilities to provide quality one-stop services, where the experience they have had has resulted in very different integrated service products.

The formation of human resources who have the behavior, knowledge and expertise supported by high initiative and adequate appearance through a comprehensive training and development program has made ARSA able to provide an excellent service package

Selection of tools and other work tools is done by taking into account various aspects that are very important for the running of a sustainable service. Tools that have quality, are efficient and effective as well as comfortable to use have produced one of the reasons customers and employees choose ARSA

Apart from that, we believe that a plan, organization, mobilization and supervision and control must be able to be packaged in an integrated system.
ARSA has been able to answer all of this by having a breakthrough in the field of information technology. This has made ARSA able to pick up changes in the field of industrial automation 4.0

Various types of services provided by ARSA are:

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