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ARSA Indonesia is a brand carried by PT ARSA Manajemen Fasilitas, PT ARSA Teknologi Fasilitas and PT BIMASENA Multi Trada

PT ARSA Manajemen Fasilitas is an incorporated company (AKTA KEMENKUMHAM Nomor AHU-04781.AH.01,02 tahun 2021) who already have a permit form the relevant ministry and have a type of business according to KBLI as folllows:

  • KBLI 78200: The activity of providing labor at a certain time.
  • KBLI 78300: Labour supply and management of human resources function
  • KBLI 78421: Private technical job training
  • KBLI 81100: Activities of the combined provider of facilities support services
  • KBLI 81210: Building cleaning activities
  • KBLI 81300: Landscape care and maintenance
  • KBLI 82190: Office support services
  • KBLI 82110: Integrated office administration provider
  • KBLI 82200: Call center activities
  • KBLI 80200: Security system service activities
  • KBLI 80100: Private security activities
  • KBLI 68110: Self-owned or rented real estate
  • KBLI 43304: Interior decoration related
  • KBLI 43211: Electrical installations
  • KBLI 27409: Other lighting equipment industry
  • KBLI 81290: Pest and Vector Control 

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